Reliability, flexibility and world class service in our data centres

Datacom provides 24/7 assistance to ensure our customers’ customers get exceptional service

Hyperspike is an IT services company providing highly available, redundant infrastructure to their customers, covering a wide range of IT services – managed services, data centre hosting (hosted applications/websites, virtual servers),  Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), cloud services, disaster recovery and remote backup.

Hyperspike operates out of Melbourne, and supports an Australia wide customer base,  hosting more than 2,000 corporate websites  on their infrastructure.

Hyperspike needed to securely house their IT infrastructure in an environment with industry leading infrastructure and support. As such, they required a partner that could provide highavailability IT workloads in an enterprise-grade data centre with 24/7 onsite specialist and remote support, on fully redundant, and concurrently maintainable systems. The challenge was to provide a flexible, scalable infrastructure base, which allowed Hyperspike to forget about the minutiae of hosting, and focus solely on their product offerings to their customers.

Hyperspike and Datacom have been partners for ten years. The current contract provides fully redundant uninterruptable power supply, managed environmental conditions, and allows for the customer to manage its own physical access to cabinets as well as a redundant, carrier diverse backup internet service.

Datacom’s Network Operations Centre (NOC) regularly provides Level 1 ‘remote hands’ support to Hyperspike. This means the customer doesn’t need to come into the data centre in-person to power cycle a server, or perform any tasks that can be requested remotely. This focus on continuous uptime and high quality 24/7 service, provides support to our customers at any time of the day or night – a level of care that is rare in other enterprise data centres.

Hyperspike’s dedicated Account Manager is contactable at any time, as is the data centre General Manager for any issues that require escalation. This hands-on approach means customers can feel safe that Datacom is taking care of their vital infrastructure assets.

This approach has been a success as Hyperspike is able to provide a unique, immediate onsite response for any equipment faults.

“We rely heavily on Datacom’s 24/7/365 onsite NOC for the key components of Hyperspike’s service delivery. Datacom’s super responsive team helps us to ensure superior uptimes, and to provide timely incident management. For almost a decade now, Hyperspike has consistently been able to rely on the NOC team to provide immediate onsite assistance whenever it’s required. Having operations in multiple major data centres, we know Datacom’s NOC clearly outperforms the rest. Sincere thanks to the Datacom NOC team.”

Kelvin Khoo, Managing Director, Hyperspike