Wrap-around IT support for the Limar Group

Limar Group is a conglomerate operating multiple companies spread around east Malaysia. It employs more than 500 people across wide-ranging interests including: property investment and development; oil palm plantations; biotechnology research and development; and charitable organisations. The group has recently begun diversifying even further into hotel and restaurant construction, as well as oil and gas exploration.


The Challenge

Datacom’s first contact with the company was in 2013 via a series of small-scale projects and consultation work. At that time Limar’s infrastructure was outsourced to an offshore company that had a number of their engineers located on site. It soon became evident that Limar’s network needed upgrading; its legacy system had not been performing to expectations and was no longer able to cope with the company’s growth. The in-house IT department was focusing on day-to-day tactical issues such as data protection and ‘keeping the lights on’, rather than looking into more strategic uses of technology to help drive further growth in the business.


The Datacom Difference


As a result of this situation, Datacom worked with Limar collaboratively over many months in 2015 to design a future road map that would help the organisation realise the benefits of new technology. A full IT outsourcing agreement was made and Datacom has provided a wide range of upgrades and improvements, including: a revamp of network security to provide segregation between departments; a network architecture redesign for improved WAN optimisation; a wireless infrastructure redesign; the installation of new server infrastructure; a service desk assigned to assist with ticket recording, trend analysis and workload review; on-site field support; and the development of multiple internal IT and security processes. It is anticipated that once a planned cloud transition is completed the company will be able to make further cost savings, increase overall efficiency and eliminate the external risks to physical infrastructure.  


The Results


Limar has reported two immediate benefits from this programme of work – the transformation project was completed with no downtime, enabling a smooth transition and confidence in technology services within the company, and access to Datacom’s diverse expertise across a range of technology areas such as identifying the most appropriate specialised software, best practice and processes, cloud access and staff training.


Now with a renewed confidence in its technology platforms and its support, Limar Group anticipates beginning work on a strategic plan that will enable its personnel to utilise the new technologies in ways which will facilitate new opportunities for growth and diversification.