Call recording solution improves customer service

Trustpower Limited is a multi-utility provider of telco, gas and electricity services. New Zealand’s fifth largest electricity generator and the fourth largest electricity retailer, they serve 260,000 customers nationally.

The diversified company is based in Tauranga in the Bay of Plenty.

The Challenge

Trustpower contracts out three external contact centres and operates two internal ones. Their ageing contact centre voice system had significant reliability and performance issues. Support and outages were costing the business money, the reporting didn’t meet the developing needs of the business, and the system lacked features that enabled the company to monitor, manage and record call compliance and quality. Trustpower sought to replace the system with one that was user-friendly, up-to-date in terms of technology and functionality, flexible, well supported and reliable, and with a good product roadmap.

The Datacom Difference

Trustpower went to market with a comprehensive request for proposals, drawing interest from the market’s leading vendors. An initial shortlist of seven was narrowed down to two vendors, including Datacom. We had proposed a solution using Liquid Voice, which combines intuitive call recording and monitoring solutions with analytics to support significantly improved decision-making and quality management. The solution also had the flexibility to meet the different needs of sales and support  contact centres.

Datacom provisioned, configured and installed the necessary hardware before commencing the software implementation, which had an unusual dimension. Implementation plans went to fast forward when Trustpower started to experience significant performance issues with the previous system, including outages which were putting the business at risk. The first priority was to ensure the company was getting reliable recordings. 

Fortunately, that functionality could be delivered out of the box as a complete product set which included a basic speech analytics package as standard and Payments Card Industry-Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) compliance. Liquid Voice enabled flexibility in its call assessment functionality which is important to the sales team for coaching and training. It also provided the ability to import external recordings and to use speech analytics, screen recording and call tagging. The reporting functions were much easier to use than the previous system, with instant ‘report back’ capability from recorded calls.

Trustpower began with a basic initial implementation and has since added functionality incrementally. With Datacom’s experience in project management and knowledge of the Liquid Voice solution, the accelerated deployment timeframe presented no issues.

“The unreliable previous system was costing money, as every time there wasn’t proof of a recording, charges and fees would be carried by the business. Datacom and Liquid Voice immediately solved that problem.”

Steve Merchant, Service Delivery Manager - Trustpower Limited