Crowe Horwath’s elite suite of business tools

Crowe Horwath Australasia is the largest provider of practical accounting, audit, tax, business and financial advice to individuals and small and medium businesses in the region. The company has more than 80 offices and 3000 staff. Crowe Horwath International delivers services in more than 100 countries and is ranked among the top 10 global accounting networks.

The Challenge

Crowe Horwath offers a suite of online tools to their customers to help them with their financial and non-financial business performance measurement and visualisation.

These tools were developed by an internal team of developers eight years ago and have gradually evolved. Crowe Horwath sought to partner with an organisation that could take ownership of these tools and manage them externally.

In July 2012 Datacom’s application management team met with the tool developers in Brisbane to become familiar with the tools, code and documentation and have been managing them ever since.

Crowe Horwath were looking to transform these products by offering customers integration with the Xero and MYOB online accounting solutions. 

A streamlined payment engine was also required to replace a subscription-based model.

The Solution

Datacom migrated the tool environment to one which was much more stable, reliable and secure.

The team used web meetings to understand the requirements for the integration and payment engine and liaised with Xero and MYOB to obtain the appropriate partner certificates on Crowe Horwath’s behalf.

“The support provided by the Datacom team is excellent and they should be commended. They are responsive, creative and understanding of the long term objectives.”

John Swete Kelly – Principal,Business Advisory, Crowe Horwath


  • Crowe Horwath are able to focus on their strategic direction of their online services
  • Quick turnaround time and good stakeholder engagement
  • Crowe Horwath is expecting an increase in business thanks to the new functionality
  • More efficient subscription/payment handling
  • Better availability and reliability of the tools

Technologies delivered

  • ASP.NET 4.5, WPF, Flash
  • SQL 2008, SSRS
  • Xero and MYOB APIs, web services
  • Datacom Payment Gateway

The Partnership

Datacom’s application management team is now considered part of the extended Crowe Horwath team. After completion of development, Datacom continues to work closely with Crowe Horwath to answer any accounting-related requirements and ensure the tools align with their specific business needs.