Sealord’s groundbreaking solution achieves direct benefits

Global enterprise, Sealord, works across 40 countries and is the largest seafood brand in New Zealand.


The Challenge

To operate in a highly competitive international market, Sealord had to get closer to its customers. To do this, Sealord needed a multi-phased customer relationship management (CRM) solution, supported by groundbreaking mobile capability.

The Solution

To achieve its business objectives, Sealord put out a request for information for a CRM solution. It also wanted its field force to have access to Windows 8’s new Metro interface, and to have an application built on this platform.

Datacom’s experience in fast moving consumer goods sector ensured our team’s ability to develop this innovative application. We launched it to the Microsoft developer community at the TechEd 2012 conference and then fleshed out the concept with practical modules for Sealord.

The Sealord IT team got on-board as it quickly realised the direct business benefits that the application would bring to its sales force. From there, the project kicked off.

Datacom’s solution brings together customer, product, pricing and promotion management, while streamlining ordering and account management. The secure, mobile solution is delivered on Datacom CRM Online, which is a partner-hosted New Zealand based flexible software-as-a-service system.

“The solution enabled the Australia business to go live stream very quickly. We simply could not have done this without [Datacom].”

Neville Richardson - CIO, Sealord


  • Better distribution and invoicing integration saw back-office order administration drop by 35%.
  • Sealord will gain return on its investment in under 12 months.
  • The sales team can make four more sales calls per week – this is an important measure for Sealord because the goal was to get closer to more of their customers.